How To Make Money With a Niche Site?

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Lately, there has been a boom in the number of bloggers reported on the web.

Blogging: You can earn money but it is not easy

While it is obviously possible to make money with blog and live his life with, it is obviously not a snap. Blogging is a very involved. Besides writing articles, which must be promoted, reference them, respond to comments, do you understand, manage advertisers … Well, it’s nice if you have plenty of time (student, unemployed, full-time person) but blogging is probably more difficult if you have a job taking next.

Solution: the niche site

If you are too busy to have 3 or 4 hours a day (every day) has a minimum spend on your blog (to learn, execute, promote …), a solution may be to create a niche site.A niche site, what is it?
A niche website is a site whose purpose is to give information to the Internet user on a very specific topic, and nothing more.
Ideally, the best is to create a website “niche” on a timeless theme, so that once your site is created, the need to update is very low.

Basically, unlike a blog we must improve the daily, a niche site represents a significant time working at first, but very little thereafter, the work is limited to a few SEO, to update the data and the commercial management of the site.

Choose a timeless theme

For example, make a niche site on a football league to always require rework its site. In this case, better to make a blog to manage a community around the news. However, if you create a niche site on “Learning to knit,” “the treasures of Hungary” or “Learning to play guitar in three months”, once your site has been built, you don ‘ have nothing more to do, because your information is true of all times.

A bankable theme

Finally, prefer to create niche sites that have commercial potential. A niche on the theme of travel, finance, new technology or health may be more profitable than talking about video games or insects on your blog.

How to make money with a niche site?

To earn money with your site, no need to charge your visitors (none would accept anyway), there are other ways to monetize your site. There are many ways to make money that are niche sites. It depends on your theme. But let’s see some ideas for monetization.

1 / Google Adsense

The best known solution, Google Adsense can earn some money with your website. But to earn significant amounts (tens or hundreds of dollars per month), you will have a huge audience and a targeted audience (to get a good click through rate and earnings per click), otherwise forget it.

2 / Article sponsored

The niche site is not ideal for sponsored articles since unlike a blog, people do not go on your site or to follow you because they like your writing but because they find you from a keyword googled and you discover quite by chance.
That said, on large niche sites, you can always write articles for Sponsored companies or advertising agencies. Contact page with a convenient access and a credible site, why not.

3 / Sponsored links

Boards such as LinkLift or Teliad seeking bloggers or webmaster who will put links to corporate sites against a months pay. An alternative to traditional advertising in that this solution is not intrusive, unlike banner ads.

4 / Affiliation

If your blog is about guitar, you can sell guitars and scores of merchants that you remunerate a percentage of each sale that your visitors will realize from your own site.
This may be good, provided you have a product in immediate communication with your site, high value and / or high rates of reversion.

5 / Products

Nothing prevents you from writing a product (ebook ..) that you can sell from your site, but also from Amazon, or sell it in affiliation with other webmaster.

Today, spending on food, clothing, rent and entertainment continue to increase. But wages do not follow, and this is unlikely to improve with the economic crisis. “Getting Rich With Alibaba” is a book that will help you start a import export or wholesale online business with little money at your home.

6 / Estimate

Someone create iframes for people wanting to install solar panels, a new heating and insulate their homes to indicate their need and then be contacted by professionals.
Each time a person fills out a quote, and they earn a few dollars per month

7 / other income

Many other sources of income are possible. These include: banner ads, sponsored videos or commemorators. Many travel sites disseminate research tools of hotel and flight. With each click (or double-click), the webmaster earns a few tens of cents …

8 / Indirect income

You can use the reputation driven by your site to generate income indirectly. For example, being a freelance consulting for customers who contact you from your own site. Sell ​​your skills to another company in your area. Or use your site as a business card.

In Conclusion

Create a niche website is a real alternative to blogs. Certainly niche sites have a much lower earning potential than a blog because the community aspect is much less pronounced, limiting potential in sponsored article and direct sales from your blog.
That said, the workload (in addition to the creation of the site) is very low on a niche site, especially if you target the long tail. And, by diversifying your income wisely (small streams make big rivers), reach good money.

On your niche site, you generate $20 per month with Google Adsense. You have 6 listings for $10 per month to your blog. In addition, you generate an average of

$25 per month membership. Finally, you generate $10 per month with a price comparison and $35 per month with estimates.

This may sound complicated but once you find your right mix of income, you can put everything on autopilot and generate $150 in this example of passive income every month. Nice right?

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